Rewired offers a variety of informative or therapeutic workshops aimed at a number of different audiences. They are held in various locations and can be booked directly on this website. We are happy to provide quotes for schools and organisations for specific group work, workshops or talks. Alternatively, please register your interest on the contact form and let us know what areas interest you. Events can be tailor made to suit the audience and the occasion.

Workshops in mental health Corsham BathCurrent workshops and talks offered include:

  • Wellbeing after baby - Introduces ways to cope with the changes and the feelings that may arise when we become a parent.
  • The Teenage Brain - what's happening to me?! - Informative talk about changes in the brain during adolescence using latest neuroscience. How is this stage so different? What does this mean in terms of behaviours? What can I do to help navigate adolescence? Aimed at parents/carers and young people. There is also a handy book to take away after.
  • How to Manage Exam Stress - A talk aimed at Year 11 and 13 to help manage exam stress. The talk explains how the brain works, which parts to switch on and off in exam situations, and explores the best way to calm tricky emotions. It also looks at what might be hijacking attempts to revise and how to overcome this.
  • Mindfulness - An interactive workshop that covers the basics of what Mindfulness is, how it is helpful and some practice in the session that you can use at home.
  • Mindfulness in Schools - A series of interactive Mindfulness workshops aimed at Year 5 and 6 students to introduce them to this life changing approach. They will learn mindful exercises that can help successfully manage difficult emotions and increase focus and attention.
  • How to use our minds more effectively - A practical and informative workshop rooted in neuroscience and sports psychology. Get to know the different thinking systems in your brain, what triggers different emotions, what your drivers are and then use this awareness to guide helpful decisions.
  • Anxiety / Anger / Social Skills / Low Mood - Talks/group work around any emotional health issues that may be prevelant in your school or organisation.