Children and Young People

Teenage and developing brains are not the same as mature adult brains. For this reason, life can be pretty emotional for children and young people and they gain more benefit from a specifically tailored approach. We help young people to:

  • Counselling for childrenCounselling for childrenlower stress responses (including worry and anger)
  • increase self-esteem
  • increase feelings of well-being
  • increase independence
  • lower risky/harmful behaviour(s)
  • increase helpful actions and decisions
  • increase a sense of belonging/connectness

At Rewired, we feel it is important to work with the entire support system surrounding the young person. This often means meeting with parents/carers initially and then possibly teachers and other important adults, where appropriate. Most of the work, however, will be conducted as one-to-one meetings between the therapist and the young person.

Full confidentiality is maintained between the therapist and the young person - details of what is discussed is not shared without full agreement from the young person. The only time confidentiality is broken is if a therapist is concerned that the young person, or someone else in their life, is at risk of harm.

For more information about how the service works, including fees, please visit Service and Fees, or you can fill out the contact form and we will endeavour to answer your enquiries as soon as possible.